About Us

Eveez aims to electrify Indian mobility sector. We provide electric vehicles on long term rentals to any one who is looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Your next pizza delivery could be pollution free, count on us!


Gaurav Rathore

Gaurav is a metallurgical engineer from IIT Mumbai, an avid cyclist and the co-founder of EVeez. He is an adventure enthusiast and bitten by the travel bug, he has travelled extensively across Europe, South East Asia, besides, of course exploring various destinations in India. He believes that the concept of e-bike rentals is uncommon in India and intends to change that through Eveez.

Abhishek Dwivedi

A strategy designer (NID) turned entrepreneur, Abhishek is a co-founder of EVeez. A self-confessed motorhead and a travel enthusiast, he has explored the length and the breadth of our country, chasing many sunsets and sunrises on the motorbike trails. A true believer in Sustainable Lifestyle he envisions the change in Mobility affecting the environment. Electrical vehicles are the Best answer to the bridge, the concerns between growing markets, its mobility requirement and the concerns through climate change.

Rajeev Agur

Rajeev is a physiotherapist turned policy professional, vice-president, operations at EVeez . An amateur photographer and a travel enthusiast, on a look out for offbeat travel experiences. He believes in sustainable living, travel and conservation of nature. An undying love for cities, with the zest to rid them of pollution and traffic issues drives his passion for electric and shared mobility.